April 8, 2018

Outsourcing and Freelancing

Freelancing : Working on a contract basis for a variety of a company. as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are often consodered to be self employeed, and have the freedom to pick and choose their product and companies they would like to be associated with. A common preofession of freelancing is writing; a writer then has the ability to submit their work to many different places. without being tied to any one company in particular.

Outsourcing : The outside company, which is known as the service provider or a third party provider, arranges for its own workers or computer systems to perform the tasks or services either on site at the hiring company’s own facilities or at external locations. Outsourcing business functions is sometimes called contracting out or business process outsourcing. It can involve using a large third-party provider, such as a company like IBM to manage IT services or FedEx Supply Chain for third-party logistics services, but it can also involve hiring individual independent contractors and temporary office workers.