April 8, 2018


Get an Inventory management Software!

There was a time when you needed a pen and pencil to note down inventory related data and later on added in a spreadsheet which you had to show to your superiors. But, it often left an opportunity for human errors to occur. And The margin of error in all the business corporations is very narrow and so very risky. For, small business it’s rather more risky to have an error in its operating system. If you are concerned about it and want a precaution for it, then getting an inventory management software can be your best solution. Our inventory management software in Bangladesh will create an amazing platform for you where you can track each and every inventory related information that will help you to make important decisions. It will boost up your operational activities by creating a network of information within your organization.

To get a very effective and high-performance system to control your employee performance and boost the supply chain activities, you must choose the best inventory management software in Bangladesh. With the help of our software, you can get a real-time visibility of your management and transaction activities on all your sales channels, staffs and warehouses.

What is Inventory software?

Inventories are the products or goods a company sells in order to attain revenue. Inventory going out and cash coming in is the basic process for generating revenue. To increase sales volume and meet customer demand, it is also a very important fact to keep a track of your inventories. But in most cases, this manual process is very time consuming and full of errors. An inventory management software in Bangladesh can solve the problems. Still, 70% percent of the companies don’t have a software installed which is pretty alarming for a developing country like Bangladesh. We provide the best inventory management software in Bangladesh, a very helpful software for the supply chain systems of any company. Serial number tracking, lot control, inventory optimization, kitting and bill of materials etc. Features can aid a manager to fasten the operational activities.

Why do you need an inventory management software in Bangladesh?


Many companies have inventory management software in Bangladesh. To get more accurate information, gather it and access it at the fastest time are the basic reasons for which many companies use inventory management software in Bangladesh. When you install our inventory software, you get to reduce your costs as it performs tasks of many human resources. Also, it gathers all the resources in a single place that provides you a wide opportunity to take important decisions and bring out sustainable solutions to cut costs from other departments.

  1. Fast
  2. Accurate
  3. Accessible from anywhere
  4. Reduce cost by analyzing the product information and sustainable solutions
  5. Gathering the resources
  6. A balanced inventory turnover ratio
  7. How can our software affect the inventory turnover ratio?


Inventory turnover is a metric counted in order to evaluate the situation of inventories by dividing the cost of goods sold with average inventory in hand. Both high turnover and a low turnover ratio are harmful to any business organization. A balanced turnover ratio is best for any organization. With the help of our inventory management software in Bangladesh, your cost will be decreased. Installing an automation system can save many working hours for the employees. It will decrease employee cost also increase the productivity at once. So, it will be very helpful to retain a balanced inventory turnover ratio if you had developed an Inventory management software in Bangladesh.


Is Inventory management software in Bangladesh worthy of an investment?

You can increase your profit by 30 to 50 percent with the help of an inventory software. Our software performs numerous tasks at a time which manages other employees to perform other tasks and saves their time. Also, most of the companies waste a lot of money in managing their assets. So, it is unwise and unprofitable to keep it unchecked and unreviewed. Our inventory management software in Bangladesh can help you to check and review the daily operations, calculating the transactions, keep enough stocks, warehouse information in a very short time.

Organizing inventory: Software can keep a balanced stock in the warehouses, not necessarily buying any extra stocks before the existing stock ends which gives an opportunity for price breaks for large quantity stocks.

Sparing space: Our inventory management software in Bangladesh only allows the privilege for defining storage locations and bins in order to set an organized and effective warehouse structure.

Maximizing labor: The software saves a lot of time for the employees and thus increases the productivity of the employees. This so is very profitable for any business organization.

Reducing wear and tear: Fixed assets involved in moving your inventory benefit from consolidated activity and efficient routing, which our inventory management software in Bangladesh provides.

Satisfied customers: Your business can be benefited from good customer service, as satisfying customer orders also prevents your company from violating service-level agreements.

The features We provide on our inventory software are

  1. Barcoding / RFID
  2. Cost Tracking
  3. Custome Pricing Models
  4. Inventory Forecasting, Optimization, Overview
  5. Multilocation
  6. Purchase Order Management
  7. Reorder Management
  8. Search / Filter
  9. Serialized Inventory Tracking
  10. Order Entry
  11. Customization
  12. Visual Stockpiling

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