April 8, 2018

About Codebool

Welcome To Codebool . Codebool is a leading software development company in Bangladesh . we develop and customize ERP , Accounting software, Invoice and Billing software. We develop ERP , Customized Software for small and large companies like Retail shop, Industry, Plastic industry Electrical manufacturing companies as well . We have already some product and more company using it already and satisfied him .Codeboolis one of the promising software, web application, mobile application companies of Bangladesh which aims at creating a new standard in the era of software technology.

Our prevailing passions are ambition and interest

Codebool Software has provided outsourced development services since 2016. We employ a skilled team of developers in Dhaka , Bangladesh , who are totally focused on delivering high quality software solutions which enable our customers to achieve their critical IT objectives.

We develop Open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for manufacturing company, retail shop, product distributors and different service providers like educational institute electrical industry , plastic & rubber industry as well. Our motto is making the ERP software easily understandable by developing custom ERP software with client requirement. We ensure quick delivery, cost-effective production, remove unnecessary functions from the software to make the software easier for users.

We also Developed Website , E commerce , Software .The company stands for the provision of valid software products that have been customized to suit the particular needs of the business it has been designed .

The uses of our products and services are meant to lessen the burden of various roles, duties, and responsibilities in a business, as well as increase the accuracy that a user is able to enjoy with their implementation. We are not only focused on making a profit but are also determined to improve the daily operations of any business that chooses to purchase any of our products and/or services.

Codebool services are aimed at businesses that are looking to improve the fluidity with which they are able to conduct their various operations. We offer a number of benefits for our clients including improved methods of carrying out day to day business-oriented tasks as well as enhancing the general efficiency with which a business is able to operate.

The implementation of our software products/services can also bring about an improvement in related elements such as security, storage space and application speeds. All products and services offered by our company have been designed to provide a tangible increase in the effectiveness of the particular operation involved.

The company aims to solve any software related problems that have become part and parcel of a majority of business activities. It allows the user to approach various tasks on an easy-to-use platform, lessening the risk of any potential mistakes in the process.

Our solutions are designed to substantially cut down, or entirely eliminate any errors that may be encountered when dealing with a variety of business-oriented operations. The implementation of our products and/or services allows the user to move at a faster pace while maintaining an acceptable level of accuracy at the same time as well.